I am currently a Research Scientist at Ruby Neurotech, building brain-computer interfaces for mental health, funded by Wellcome Leap. I’m also a consultant for a project at Stanford University, funded by Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance.

Previously, I was a K99 Brain Initiative post-doc at the Institute for Mind and Biology and the Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago, working with Ed Awh and Ed Vogel.

I completed my PhD in the Princeton Neuroscience Institute at Princeton University, working with Ken Norman and Nick Turk-Browne.


The goal of my research is to develop technologies that can augment and improve human behavior, using brain-computer interfaces, machine learning, and data analysis in conjunction with multimodal neural and biological recordings. For example, I built real-time platforms to monitor attention lapses and deliver closed-loop neurofeedback and state-dependent triggering. I have expertise in neuroscience, engineering, and human psychology, and experience with academic-industry partnerships.